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Gypsy Smudge Bowl

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This gypsy smudging bowl is perfect for using and storing your smudging sage in.  This is the one we use at the shop and we love it!  Comes in a nice box so the perfect gift.  

Simply light your sage and let it go until it smoking move around the house or room in a clockwise direction setting great intentions into the space.  Allow the negative energy to flow out of the room by opening the front door and windows.  

Make sure you are careful as embers can float out of the sage.  We suggest keeping your sage close to the bowl and moving it around together to prevent this.  Do not burn sage around children or animals as they are more sensitive to smells and energy. 

Smudge stick not included, sold separately see other listings.  

See our blog post of sage smudging over at

We have more stock arriving soon so keep checking in.  Look out of Instagram @oceangypsynz