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Dragons Blood Smudge Stick - Ocean Gypsy NZ

Dragons Blood Smudge Stick

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Dragons Blood Sage Smudge Stick is sage that is infused with dragons blood oil.  The sage part of the stick is traditionally thought to cleanse the space and the dragon's blood is known to protect and heal the energy of that space.  

Dragons blood is especially good when moving into a new home or for when events have occurred in a space that requires healing. 

Smudge sticks were used by the Native American Indians and all the herbs used in the sticks are thought of as sacred.  Smudging was performed during sacred ceremonies.  Materials used would have varied from what was available in the area. 

White sage is not a drug but a traditional spiritual tool. 

Size approx 7 cm long x 3.5 cm wide

How to use:

Use a smudge bowl or bowl and ignite the tip of your smudge stick with a match or candle. 

Gently wave the stick inside the bowl until it begins to smoulder (best to do this outside) then once smouldering go back inside.  Focus your energy and set your intention for your home or object.  Now wash the smoke though out the house or over the object. 

It is best to start from the front door and work clockwise through each room, getting the smoke into all the corners.  Work clockwise around the house ending back at the front door.  Leave the door open for 20 minutes or more to remove the negative, old energy from the home. 

Be careful of falling embers and hold the bowl under the smudge stick at all times.  

When you are finished, carefully extinguish your smudge stick by twisting it into the smudge bowl.  Leave in the smudge bowl for next time.  

WARNING; Never leave burning sage unattended.  Use only with a fireproof container such as a smudge bowl.  Limit use around children, pets, pregnancy and those with breathing issues.  Keep out of children's reach.

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