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Bach flower remedies were originally created by Edward Bach an English Homeopath, Pathologist and Bacteriologist.  Edward Bach understood that everything is energy and plants held a therapeutic energy code that could be utilised to balance the energy frequency of a person.

This energy code was then placed in water as water holds memory (this is why a river will wind in the same direction continuously).   By taking the energetic code this then is thought to change the frequency of the body, mind and inner being as people are energy beings.  Energy medicine is an ancient modality used by many cultures for thousands of years around the world.  

The Bach Flower Remedy 'Rescue Remedy' can be seen everywhere from supermarkets to pharmacies all around the world. 

Below is a collection of hand-crafted Bach Flower Remedies that are made up by the Intuitive Nutrition Clinic in Mangawhai Heads.  You can have a custom-made remedy specific to your needs by filling out the online form attached to the Custom Made product link below. 

The bottle size is 25ml and it is around 3 to 4 weeks worth as directed without acute use.

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