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Ocean Gypsy started on the inspiration to create an eco-surf wax that was gentle on the skin and gentle of our precious environment, no paraffin, no toxins and no nasties.  

The name Ocean Gypsy came about through my love of the ocean.  With Sailing the worlds oceans for 11 years from the Arctic Circle, to New Zealand's Stewart Island, rounding Cape of Good Hope off the Southern tip of Africa and sailing the Atlantic Ocean nine times. 

The Gypsy come from my origins of Romanian Gypsy descent and my love of the nomadic lifestyle. 

From Eco Surf Wax I have gone on to create amazing eco sustainable wooden car diffuser's that are infused with high quality Lemongrass essential oils and all made locally in Mangawhai,New Zealand.

Our skincare and body range is all about simplicity, simple natural high quality ingredients with minimalism as a key component and made by me, Clare in Mangawhai Heads N.Z.

I source ocean inspired ware which is being continuously added to the store to give my customers the full Ocean Gypsy experience.  

For more insight on who I am, I am Clare and I live in Mangawhai Heads, I have a passion for the ocean from sailing, surfing, paddle boarding to just enjoying the beach and waves with my young daughter. 

I am a qualified Clinical Nutritionist which combines well with being a qualified chef so every now and again I will post delicious nutritional and well-being articles to help people to gain greater health and vitality.


Clare xx

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