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Homebotanical & Bach Flower Detox Blend

Homebotanical & Bach Flower Detox Blend

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This blend is designed to done before any homeobotanical prescription as it is important to activate and clear the core detoxification pathways of the liver, blood and kidneys first.  This is so the following remedies have these pathways activated so they can do the work required in other systems and toxins that naturally occur during healing can be released out of the body.    We combine homeobotanicals with bach flower remedies to calm the nervous system because a calm body can heal.

Take  3 drops 3 x daily til finished.  Combine with a healthy lifestyle of nutrient-dense food suited to your unique requirements.  Plus, ensure a supportive lifestyle with a nurturing environment and relationships.

Consult your health professional before taking on any detox; Detoxing can be harmful if not performed correctly. 

Choose from Brandy & Water or Apple Cider Vinegar & Water for your base tincture.  The Bach Flowers are then placed into this solution.

It is important to take the tincture daily so the energy field can shift into balance.  Natural therapies are about repetition.  Set your phone alarm and take in the morning, noon and evening.

 Please place your birthday into the notes so I can put your birth flower into your blend. 

Always consult your health professional for underlying causes of medical conditions.  Everyone is an individual, so results do vary.  Combine with a healthy lifestyle of nutritious foods, a supportive environment and relationships. 


Pregnancy & breast feeding; do not detox during this time

Allergies to the Apiaceae Family as this tincture contains Parsley.

Allergies to Compositae Family as this tincture contains globe artichoke and St Mary's Thistle. 

Do not take this tincture if you suffer from liver disease, or kidney disease, are an alcoholic, take blood-thinning medications such as Warfarin or are on immunosuppressant medications. 


"I am ready to release and let go"

"I feel energized"

"I am strong"

"I am centered"

"I guide my thoughts"

"I breathe"

"I am powerful"