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Gypsy Spirit Energy Cleanse Natural Room Spray
Gypsy Spirit Energy Cleanse Natural Room Spray

Gypsy Spirit Energy Cleanse Natural Room Spray

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Introducing the Gypsy Spirit Energy Cleanse Natural Room Spray - a powerful solution crafted to liberate spaces from negative energy. In the realm of energy, everything matters, and our homes, offices, classrooms, and cars can sometimes hold stagnant negative energy. Our unique blend of sage, rosemary, may-chang, lavender, and frankincense is expertly combined to traditionally release these negative energies, safeguard against unwanted energy, provide protection, and enhance spiritual connection and intuition.

Not only does this blend support your realm's energy frequency, but it also imparts a delightful aroma, leaving your home with a beautifully refreshing scent.

To perform a space cleanse, simply work your way clockwise around the room, gently spraying the Gypsy Spirit Spray into the corners where negative energy tends to linger. As you do so, infuse the air with positive intentions and affirmations. For optimal results, open doors and windows to allow the old energy to disperse and make room for the influx of positive, revitalizing energy. Embrace the renewed atmosphere and uplifted vibes in your space.

150ml beautiful frosted bottle with pump spray & available with an eco aluminum cap for a refill option. 


Aqua, ethanol alcohol, sage, rosemary, may-chang, lavender and frankinscence, polysorbate 20 solubiliser, geogard ultra (gluconolactone and sodium benzoate).

Made in Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand.