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Ocean Gypsy Magnesium Sprays in Aloe & Peppermint &Gypsy Rosa, Rose & Aloe.

Ocean Gypsy Magnesium Sprays in Aloe & Peppermint &Gypsy Rosa, Rose & Aloe.

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Ocean Gypsy Aloe & Peppermint Magnesium Spray, to relax tired & sore muscles.  This magnesium spray is awesome, it gives instant relief to tired, sore, achy muscles. 
With magnesium that naturally relaxes muscle tissue and the nervous system, peppermint for a cool effect and aloe soothes the area. My customers have found relief for arthritis, strained muscles or stiff shoulders.  Give it a go and get some relief now. 

Note; Peppermint shouldn't be used on children under 6, people with asthma, or on open wounds.  Peppermint is a natural pain killer so perfect for arthritis.

Ocean Gypsy Gypsy Rosa Magnesium Spray, relaxes tired and sore muscles.  This spray is perfect for children, menstrual cramps, sleep and sore muscles.  

Spray on the feet 2 to 4 times before sleep or on specific area of tension.  

You may experience a tingling feeling this is the magnesium taking effect.  Keep away from eye and face due to peppermint oil if using the Aloe & Peppermint Magnesium Spray.

Not recommended for pregnancy, breastfeeding, asthmatics or for kids under 6 years old as it contains peppermint essential oil.   Don't use it on broken skin such as grazed skin, cuts and open wounds due to peppermint oil.

150ml bottle.