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Balance & Reflection Crystal Bracelet

Balance & Reflection Crystal Bracelet

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Balancing & Reflecting Crystal Bracelet: This bracelet is stunning and holds significant benefits. Embrace the healing energies of crystals with this exquisite accessory. This bracelet is a combination of quality crystals, Quartz Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Apatite, and Amazonite; this bracelet draws upon ancient wisdom and energy fields, believed in historical understanding to instil balance and reflection in the wearer.

It is designed to guide you towards a path of abundance and fulfilment by balancing your energy field into equilibrium and reflection to let go of the past and move into an amazing future.  It heightens intuition and awareness to make choices that come from high guidance and the inner spirit.

Quartz Crystal; Directs the flow of energy

Lapis Lazuli; Supports inner peace and wisdom

Apatite; Promotes positive resolutions

Amazonite; High levels of awareness and intuition.