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Copper Bowl for smudging, jewellery, or offerings - Ocean Gypsy NZ

Copper Bowl for smudging, jewellery, or offerings

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This beautiful pentagram copper offering bowl.

8cm in diameter and 5cm high, made from copper.

Copper offering bowls, sometimes referred to as copper puja bowls or ritual bowls, are commonly used in religious and spiritual practices, particularly in Hinduism and some other traditions. Here are a few ways in which copper offering bowls are used:

Religious Offerings (Puja):

In Hinduism, puja is a ritualistic worship that involves offering various items to deities as a form of devotion. Copper offering bowls can be used to hold offerings such as water, milk, honey, ghee (clarified butter), and other sacred substances during the puja ceremony. The act of offering is considered a way to express gratitude and seek blessings.

Ritual Cleansing (Abhishekam):

Abhishekam is a Hindu ritual of pouring water or other liquids over a sacred image or idol, often representing a deity, as a form of purification and worship. Copper bowls may be used to collect and pour the consecrated liquids during the ritual

Altar Decor:

Copper offering bowls are often placed on altars as decorative elements. They add a touch of elegance to the sacred space and may be used for aesthetic purposes during religious ceremonies or meditation practices.

Meditation and Mindfulness:

Some individuals use copper bowls as meditation aids. The reflective nature of the copper, combined with the act of offering or pouring, can serve as a focal point for meditation or mindfulness practices.

Symbolism and Sacred Space:

Copper has symbolic significance in various spiritual traditions. It is associated with conductivity, warmth, and transformative properties. The use of copper offering bowls in rituals may carry symbolic meaning related to purification, energy flow, and divine connection.

Ayurvedic Practices:

In Ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine in India, copper is believed to have certain health benefits. Some people use copper vessels, including bowls, to store and consume water, as it is thought to have antimicrobial properties and positively influence health.

Ceremonial Offerings in Other Traditions:

While most commonly associated with Hindu rituals, copper offering bowls or similar vessels are used in various other spiritual and ceremonial practices around the world. The specific rituals and symbolism can vary based on cultural and religious traditions.