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Homebotanical Peri/Menopause Sleep Tincture

Homebotanical Peri/Menopause Sleep Tincture

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This homeobotanical blend is designed specifically to support sleep and emotional well-being through perimenopause & Menopause With a combination of traditional herbs and Bach Flowers known to support women through this time from caterpillar to butterfly.

Bach Flowers;

Olive, Hornbeam, Mimulus & White Chestnut to support emotional wellbeing, relieving  anxiety, fear and jumbled or merry-go-round thought patterns,

Homeobotanical Herbs; 

Chamomile; anxiety, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension, restlessness

Hops; anxiety, sleep disorders, tension

Lemon Balm; dizziness, depression, hysteria, irritability, insomnia

Passionflower; nervous headache, insomnia, mental worry, overworked, difficulty falling asleep.

Skullcap; ADHD, depression, hysteria, irritability, insomnia, wakefulness, restless sleep, mental and physical tiredness. 

Other herbs in this remedy are gentian, lavender, lime flower, oats, rosemary, valerian, black cohosh, blue cohosh, chaste tree, cramp bark, dong quai, motherwort, pasque flower, shepherds purse, squaw vine, wild yam, Jamaica dogwood, pasque flower, 

Take  3 drops 3 x daily til finished.  Combine with a healthy lifestyle of nutrient-dense food suited to your unique requirements.  Plus, ensure a supportive lifestyle with a nurturing environment and relationships.

Choose from Brandy & Water or Apple Cider Vinegar & Water for your base tincture.  

It is important to take the tincture daily so the energy field can shift into balance.  Natural therapies are about repetition.  Set your phone alarm and take in the morning, noon and evening.

 Consult your health professional before taking any herbal remedy.. Always consult your health professional for underlying causes of medical conditions.  Everyone is an individual, so results do vary.  Combine with a healthy lifestyle of nutritious foods, a supportive environment and relationships. 


Pregnancy & breast feeding

Do not take this tincture if you are an alcoholic choose the apple cider vinegar option, take blood-thinning medications such as Warfarin or are on immunosuppressant medications.