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Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks - Ocean Gypsy NZ

Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks

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Palo SantoSticks originates from the Inca's who used it as spiritual purifying qualities.  The American Indians also used Palo Santo in spiritual rituals.

In indigenous communities of the Andes, it is used to cleanse space of negative energy "mala energia", aid meditation and ward off evil spirits.  For thousands of years the healing, medicinal and spiritual benefits have been handed down from generation to generation. 

The oil when burnt smells of baked apples or caramelised sugar.  

These Palo Santo Sticks are wild harvested from sustainable sources in Peru.  This means only naturally fallen trees are used not chopped down. 

There are 5 sticks in a pack.  

These sticks are sustainably harvested in Peru.